Staff Orientation Week at Camp Skylemar

Maine is a wonderful place–save for all the mosquitos. It’s lush with great green fields that expand deep into the horizon, pushing itself into the blue, blue coast. The days are bipolar, with rain and fog and wind one day and sun and heat and dryness the next. All this makes for an interesting climate, one I constantly have trouble figuring out. My Northern Arizona attire is not always suitable for the weather, but I’m managing quite nicely.

Camp counselors listen to Arleen Shepherd share items from her “treasure chest”, a tote with objects and letters from past campers, parents and counselors | June 18, 2017

The summer at Camp Skylemar has yet to begin, but we anticipate over 200 children on Sunday, some sad, some happy, but all of whom will be under our care, a point the directors, Shep and Arlene, have been reinforcing since our arrival. During staff orientation week, we’ve been learning about each other, playing games, attending meetings, sharing meals, going on road trips and starting to work together.

“Shep” Shepherd addresses the camp counselors during staff orientation week | June 18, 2017

The video crew–myself, D.J. Fullmer and Brian Marchky–have been hard at work on Retrospect, an end-of-the-year video for the kids, as well as some opening weekend videos, the first being a little introduction to our staff orientation week.

D.J. Fullmer, Brian Marchky and Morgan Engel practice flying drones on the golf course at Camp Skylemar | June 15, 2017


To check out our staff orientation 2017 video, click here

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